Woodland Yoga & Wellness

Woodland Wellness & Yoga

Yoga, forest bathing, wild camping, for private events or join in our groups.

The wellness woods is a magically assembled area, nestled in the far corner of Southover Woods;  A private woodland and wild camping site entangled with rhododendron and pine trees. This bespoke corner of the woods has been carefully created to facilitate a variety of gatherings that fall under the umbrella of ‘Holistic and Alternative Wellness’. 

On arrival, take a short walk from the car park to a signed opening in the trees. Walking up the natural paths edged by the woodland and its diverse colours, you are greeted by a fresh and open area.

A canopy of mixed trees lets in dappled light onto a shelter, under which a fire pit and seating can be utilized for wellness sessions. The fire pit is cuddled by log walls giving you extra privacy and shelter from weather.

A collection of moss, fungi and deadwood form a truly magical setting. Our rope swing has been hung from the trees, overlooking the site to provide a relaxing swinging therapy open to all users. This clearing branches off to the Emperor bell tent and candle chandelier, a cosy and aesthetic sanctuary.

Birchbark Events

Private Group Activities

Book a private event at our The Woodland Wellness centre and tailor the activities around your preferences. You can also book camping in Southover woods where are activities are held for a truly immersive experience.


The Fire Pit area is a log built, raised fire pit in a circular clearing with log walls surrounding. The fire pit has two access points, one leading to a hill slope clearing for extra seating and the other to the ‘Sanctuary Bell’. The fire pit is covered by a parachute canopy for protection from the rain and the trees provide shelter from the wind.

The fire pit is raised and overlooks a clearing that can be used for communal gathering/ picnic type space and tree hung rope swing for added relaxation.

Our ‘Sanctuary Bell’ is a majestic Emperor Bell tent (6x4m) that accommodates 6-10 people sleeping and 15-20 people sitting. The optional emperor ‘inner tent’ creates one or two compartments for a sleeping area or tidy storage. The ‘inner tent’ can comfortably fit a double air bed and can be removed for larger groups if necessary.

A woodland sweat lodge and cold bucket shower are currently under construction and will be available with this site soon. Please email to inquire if this is of interest to you.

Private Packages

Throughout the season we host private Yoga and Wellness packages for groups and families to connect with nature whilst promoting creativity, learning and social skills. You can book your private package below and enjoy quality time together with a ‘Wild wellbeing’ guide to hold fire ceremonies, connection campfires, woodland rituals, family talking groups, sobriety woodland fun, grounding sessions, relaxation afternoons and nature connection guidance to name a few.

Other Services

The Wellness Woods can be hired as a whole package, or in part. Rentals can be made by hourly, per day, per weekend and week-long bookings. Our hostess service is recommended for site users requiring support while navigating the site, extra pair of hands setting up or any other support whilst using the Wellness Woods. This service is charged at £25 per hour and can be booked when booking the venue. Please email or call for further info, make bookings, prices and other enquiries.