Booking Policy


We do try to keep groups separate where possible, however NONE of our events are exclusive to your group.

Clients must be at least 12 years of age for all of our activities, however younger children can attend with limited participation with their parents who are responsible for them at all times.

Please make sure you have contacted us before the event day If any member of the group has any Medical, Physical, Mental conditions or Disabilities which might affect them taking part in the activities.

Please make sure your group are advised to dress appropriately for the weather conditions. We provide the necessary safety protection for our events, but we do not provide Waterproofs or other similar garments.

Decent footwear MUST be worn for events. No flip flops or sandals.

We reserve the right to refuse an individual to participate, if WE believe they are in no fit state to do so safely and to remove an individual from an event if they are not acting in a manner WE deem appropriate with that event.

We operate a strict NO TOLERANCE policy with regards to alcohol and drugs. Anyone under the influence of either will NOT be allowed to participate in the activities, and if deemed to be acting in a manner which will put other clients or employees at risk will be asked to leave the venue straight away.

We have provided maps and directions. If you find these are unclear on how to find us, please discuss this with us before your group’s event day.

A certain amount of leeway has already been built into your arrival time. If you are likely to be late, please let us know in advance of the numbers provided, as we may not be able to provide the same event or indeed any event later than scheduled, although we will always endeavour to do so.

We reserve the right to cancel any event or change the activities provided, if WE feel it would be unsafe to do so due to adverse weather conditions or any other reason we see fit.

We operate a 21 day group amendment and cancellation policy. Please adhere to this. If a booking is made within this period we will expect the booking to be 100% confirmed at the point of booking being made.

Amendments and Checks

When making an amendment please highlight the required amendment clearly. If Ragnarok misses an amendment due to it not being made clear we will not be held accountable. After 21 days before the event date no amendments can be made to a booking. Increasing a group size is permitted as long as availability is available.


A full payment is required with booking.If payments are not received Birchbark Events reserve the right to cancel your whole booking.

Any inaccuracies in any documentation must be communicated to us within 7 days of receipt. After this date Birchbark Events will not be liable for any inaccuracies.


All changes must come through Birchbark Events directly. We reserve the right to make any alterations to your booking where necessary due to situations out of our control.


All cancellations must be received in writing immediately, Charges will apply:

  • 0-21 Days – No cancellation possible – No refund will be possible.
  • 22 days and Over – Full refund applicable


For full terms on camping please refer to Southover Woods Camping website HERE: